BrightonSEO Slides & Videos – April 2018

April 27, 2018 in SEO

BrightonSEO is definitely my favourite search marketing conference – it’s a great mix of good speeches and networking with others search marketers.

As usual I collected all the slides of the different speeches plus you can also find here the recording of the main stage.


Marcus Tober Out with the Old, in with the Niche: Content for the Moments That MatterVideo (00:26:00)

Eleni Cashell How to Unleash The Power Of Unique Content | Video (00:48:00)

Steve Rayson & Giles Palmer – How Metrics and Data Drive Content Effectiveness | Video (01:12:00)


Tech SEO

Tom Pool Command Line Hacks For SEO

Tom Anthony Diving into HTTP/2 – a Guide for SEOs 

Emily Mace Diagnosing Common Hreflang tag issues on page and in sitemaps



Vlassios Rizopoulos What a search engine can teach you about product sitemaps

Katherine Khoo Selling on other Search Engines 

Raj Nijjer 10 Things Your Customers Hate About You


Machine Learning

Chris Liversidge Using Machine Learning Technology to Build Audience-Led Analytics 

François GoubeBeyond Technical SEO, How to deal with Rankbrain and AI in SEO

George Karapalidis Using machine learning to predict keyword revenue



David Whatley Facebook Location Structures for Multi-location Brands

Marie Page Harnessing the Power of Facebook Groups 

Gavin Bell – Amplify your content with Facebook ads



Peter Watson-Wailes – A New Era for the Digital Agency

Charlie Whitworth Dealing With Tricky Development Resource


International SEO

Anna Milburn – Merging Translation and SEO to drive global success



Fili Wiese Optimizing for Search Bots | Video (02:05:00)

Alexis K SandersAdvanced and Practical Structured Data with  | Video (02:23:00)

Sam Marsden Cut the Crap: Running Content Audits with Crawlers | Video (02:43:00)


Mobile First

Mark Thomas How much positive impact can crawl budget optimization have in a mobile first index era?

Barry Adams Technical SEO in the Mobile First Indexing Era 

Charo Paredes-Ortiz – App Marketing Case Studies



Steph Vickers Turning the oil tanker – keeping abreast of monster sites

Bill Sebald How to tighten up your SEO on large websites 

Rachel Costello The Toughest Battles in SEO are Internal: How to Prioritise & Demonstrate Value



Kaspar Szymanski – Understanding Google Penalties by ex-Googler

Craig Campbell Risks and Rewards of PBNs 

Chelsea Blacker – The Wild-west of ASO



Daniel MooreThe hidden potential of brand PPC

Duane BrownCompetitor Bidding: The Halo Effect 

Jeroen Maljers – Hidden Messages: The Psychology Behind PPC & SEO



David Lockie – Blockchain, Digital Marketing, Disruption 

Nicola Bullock – Meaningful SEO Reporting Insights without Google Analytics 

Danny Richman – How to increase conversions and rankings using the Limbic Map of the brainù


International Social

Daiana Damacus – Avoiding a Traffic Jam Between Your Website and Social Media 


Link Building

Greg Gifford Linkbuilding at a granular level | Video (04:51:00)

Laura Hogan – Big Links for £0 | Video (05:12:00)

Marie Turner Effective Ecommerce Link Building | Video (05:29:00)



Rob Bucci Featured snippets: From then to now, volatility, and voice search

Sam Robson – From Black Friday to iPhones – how to rank for big terms on big days 

Jason Barnard – A Universal Strategy for Answer Engine Optimisation


Influencer Marketing

Hannah Butcher How to Win Friends and Influence… Influencers

Jason Dilworth Finding Prospects by Scraping The News 

Corinne Card Digital PR on a budget: How to get awesome press links for SMEs


Site Speed

Bastian Grimm Web Performance Madness: Critical Rendering Path Optimization 

Maria Camanes Fores Site Speed for in-house marketers: creating a culture of performance

Nichola Stott Speed metrics in context of the UK Top 5,000 websites.



Arianne Donoghue The PPC Automation Revolution is Coming 

Ryan Bertollini – Combining PPC and SEO strategies to improve CPC averages and save money with your ad budget.

Chris Rowett Supercharging Google Shopping



Rachel FinchSurvival 101: Rules for making it as a brands only digital marketer 

Liraz Postan SEO in a corporate environment

Taneth Evans – SEO for subscriptions: Flexible Sampling: now, then and next


International Search

Jitka Jizerova – Search Beyond Google: The Other Search Engines


Advanced Keyword Research

Anna Corbett How to identify search intent | Video (06:28:00)

Stephan Spencer – Perfect Keyword Strategy | Video (06:46:00)

Pat Reinhart & Tom Smits – How to do ecommerce keyword research at huge scale


Stephen Kenwright How to report on SEO in 2018

Anna LewisTop GA customisations everyone should be using

Dana DiTomaso – The Math Behind Effective Reporting



Ade Lewis – Why Brand Signals Are Replacing Authority

Ross TavendaleKilling Giants – How to Compete with Big Brands in the SERPs

Julia LoganPreemptive Reputation Management



Georgina Park – How to plan a marketing strategy from scratch

Adela Popilkova – The Revolution of Technology: Enabling marketers to understand and reach audiences.

Sabine LangmannHow to Expand to Different Markets



Guy LevineWhat we learnt from spending £1,000,000 on Facebook

Ashley WardGood, the Bad, and the Ugly: Ad Copywriting Tips for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Adwords

Rachel White – I test therefore I am- Practical PPC ad copy and landing page testing tips


Content Production

Nandini Jammi The B2B content to sell your products

James Brockbank Producing Link Worthy Content For Under £1k

Kim Slade – Power In Your Pocket: Mobile Video and How To Nail It.

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