BrightonSEO Slides & Videos – September 2019

September 13, 2019 in SEO

BrightonSEO is one of my favorites Search Marketing conferences in Europe because there are always great speakers and you learn something new. In this post you’ll find the slide decks of the September 2019 edition.

Here you can find the slides of the previous editions.

Here you can watch the recording of the main stage.

Future of Search

Greg GiffordBeetlejuice’s Guide to Entities and the Future of SEO
Tim SouloRethinking The Fundamentals of Keyword Research With The Insights From Big Data
Sal Mohammed – Why AI will be a key part of your team, not a replacement

Small Budget SEO

Stacey MacNaught – Content Marketing for Links: Stretching Smaller Budgets
Helen PollittThe cash-strapped marketer’s guide to SEO
Carrie Rose – How to create a sexy AF PR pitch to land sexy AF links no matter your budget or brand


Amy BishopData-Driven Remarketing Strategies & Tactics for Every Business
Jacob TibbottBeat The Competition With Gmail Ads: Email-less Email Marketing
Kirk WilliamsI Don’t Know How to Run Shopping Ads, and at This Point I’m Too Afraid to Ask


Roxana Stingu – How I learned to stop worrying and love the .htaccess file
Serena Pearson – Don’t F*ck Up Your Site Migration
Ashley Berman Hale – Accessibility for people and bots: Compassion-led technical SEO


Frank Vitovitch – Living in a Mobile-First (Indexing) World
Solenn Boulic – Tracking Growth with AMP Analytics
Luci WoodTips for optimising for Google Discover


Katherine KhooUnderstanding Amazon’s A9 Algorithm
Prabhat ShahHow to create Amazon Advertising campaigns without targeting any keywords
Danny McMillan – Amazon PPC – The Science Lab Of Your Amazon Business

International Social

Jake Potter – Using LinkedIn Paid Ads to support a lead generation campaign
Anlieka Marconi – How to Drive Global Sales with Social Selling

Reporting Showcase

Ross Paton – Unified Attribution: Connecting Digital to Offline & How to Optimise TV & Radio for ROI
Adam Chapman-Ballard – How marketers miss up to 60% of their conversions – and how to capture them
Adrian Kempiak – Neadoo’s CRM – a better way to report and communicate

Content SEO

Ahmed Khalifa – Making Captions Beautiful (and Searchable) to Improve Video Experience
Catherine ‘Pear’ Goulbourne – How to find content gaps when you don’t speak the language
Steph WhatleyHow to ‘SEO’ forums, communities and UGC

Users First

Hannah McKie – Digital Marketing to an older audience
Becky SimmsThe future of search is understanding human psychology
Kenda Macdonald – Progressive profiling and engagement triggers

Wellbeing and Inclusion

Allegra ChapmanHappiness will make you rich
Amy McManus – Keep Up or Give Up: Imposter Syndrome, Burnout and Mental Health in Digital
Tazmin Suleman – Age diversity in SEO and why it is important

Onsite Technical

Fili Wiese – I keep thinking: My website can be faster!
François Goube – The best-kept secrets from Robots.txt
Jan-Willem BobbinkWhat I learned about SEO from building websites with the 10 most used JS frameworks


Kenneth Wernst Christensen – A deep dive into the SEO strategy of the UK’s 80 largest e-commerce sites
Ben BarkerPractical eCommerce Tips to Drive Up ROI and Save Time
Alexandre Sigoigne – How to build perfect product landing pages


Jeroen Maljers – Most Important PPC Updates From The Last 12 Months
Rohit Nargunde – Getting the most from Bing Webmaster Tools
Ciara Serrano Temprado – My traffic is gone! Where the heck did it go?

International Search

Olivia Lofts – Why translating your keywords and ads is a bad idea in PPC/paid media
Zanna Pupele – How to increase global traffic and rankings with answer box optimisation

Links and Outreach Showcase

Will Hobson – How reactive PR can lead to LINKS
Joshua HardwickHow to find link building opportunities using Ahrefs
Dixon Jones – Something New from Majestic – Re-inventing Backlinks and Outreach Strategy


Rory TruesdaleMining the SERPs: How to make the SERPs a powerful weapon in your SEO armoury
Paige HobartSERP Features Glossary
Antony RobinsonBuilding a Brand With Local SEO: The Factors That Create Effortless Online-Offline User Journeys

Content Strategy

Alex JonesThe new blueprint for content campaign success
Lukasz ZeleznyHow To Turn Your SEO From Zero To Hero with GAP
Sam MarsdenCutting Through the Noise: Delivering Profitable Content Strategies in Competitive Markets

Structured Data

Charlie NorledgeWhat’s new in Structured Data
Martha van Berkel – How to Create Connected Schema Markup and Knowledge Graphs
Dateme TubotamunoFrom Knowledge Graphs to Commonsense Knowledge Graphs


Laura HamptonHow to get more from digital PR (without mentioning AVE)
Fran GriffinHow to actually measure the impact of digital PR coverage
Claire GambleLet’s take this offline: The power of face-to-face events in digital marketing

Market Analysis

Björn Darko né Beth – From Market to Insights to Strategy – How SEO & Content really impact Business
Chris Liversidge – How Machine Learning Insights Change the Game for Enterprise SEO (A 20x ROI Case Study)
Dixon Jones – How PageRank Really Works

Ecommerce Advertising

Pinar ÜnsalGrowing Ecommerce Revenue with Google Ads in a Declining Economy
Frederik Hyldig – E-commerce PPC in an Automated World
Alex Major – Supercharge your Google Shopping campaigns

International b2b

Daiana Damacus – Why B2B product marketers must be brave to succeed internationally
Anna Milburn – China and WeChat: Opportunities in B2B

SEO Showcase

Ivano Di Biasi – SEOZoom: A different approach to professional SEO Tools
Wesley MaynardIncrease your level cap with the SEO Performance expansion pack
Chloe Bodard – Site Migrations: Getting On Site, Off Site & Technical Right

Advanced SEO

Jamie AlbericoThink like a bot, rank like a boss: How Googlebot renders
Dan Taylor – How serverless technologies can help SEOs overcome legacy (and modern) tech obstacles
Aysun Akarsu – Web Server Logs As Technical SEO Key Data Source

Onsite Optimisation

Christoph C. Cemper – Improve your Rankings with Internal Links, like these 7 Popular Sites.
Eleni Cashell – How to turn a press release into unique ranking content
Steve Haynes – Medic update – easy and actionable tips for recovery


Dana DiTomasoInsights, Not Data: Automated Reporting That Works
Sabine LangmannHow Basic Programming Skills Can Save You a Ton of Time
Mike OsolinskiUtilizing the power of PowerShell for SEO

Link Building/Outreach

Alex CassidyEmail Anatomy: How to Get Top Tier Links
Jack Merlin Bruce Ross Tavendale – Artificial Relationships: How we used Google’s AI to read the Guardian and befriend journalists
Shannon Maybury Sonali Ohrie – SEO 2.1: How To Own Influencer & Content Campaigns


Gary Spagnoli – How To Create an Effective Split Testing Matrix
Aleyda SolisWhat makes your SEO fail (and how to fix it)
Rumble Romagnoli – Persona-Led Reporting: Designing Blinding Reports to Keep Every Stakeholder Happy

Social Media

Hannah Clare – How we got Brighton to #BeMoreSnail
Marie PageHow to get Facebook Groups working for your business
Yumna KumranThe Relationship Between Pop Culture and Social Media Marketing!

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